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Oculus Quest

Download Artspark for Quest


Note: Artspark on Quest can only run levels, use a Windows PC or Mac OSX computer to create them

Read how to enable developer mode here:

1.) Install the Artspark APK using ADB or SideQuest

2.) Copy the Artspark content folder to the root folder of your Quest, this is where you will copy and paste new levels from PC/Mac exports in order to load them onto the Quest

3.) Run the app and accept permission requests

The left Oculus button will take you back to the home screen to select other levels

Default Oculus Quest Controls:

  • Left thumbstickMove
  • Left or right triggerTeleport
  • Right thumbstickRotate (Snap by default or Smooth Turn enabled)
  • The editor itself does not support VR, only playback of level content

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