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Mac OSX 64bit

Download Artspark for Mac OSX


Extract the ZIP file to reveal the application, it is ready to open by default

When copying levels from other devices, you will need to edit the level list in the StreamingAssets folder inside the app


Level content is loaded and saved from the StreamingAssets folder inside the app:



You may need to open a terminal in the app folder and run the following command to open the app:

chmod 755

and then

chmod +x


You may want to read the default controls page for Artspark


Then opening the app with arguments manually can be done from terminal as well eg:

do shell script “open -a /[path-to-the-program]/ –args -editor”


Available launch arguments:

Disable the “back to editor” button from appearing

Disable going straight to the editor at startup

-forcelevel “name”
Go to the quoted level name (quotes not needed if no spaces) minus the extension (.txt)

Disable pressing Escape to go back to the editor at runtime

Load the level list manually from _savedLevelFileNames.txt

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