• Select Command for info: obj. 

Command: N/A

Information about this command: N/A

• Select Built-In function for info:

Function: N/A

Information about this function: N/A

• Object Layers:
 Default,  NoCollide,  CollideSelf,  CollideOthers,  VROnly,  NonVR,  Terrain

• Sprite sorting:
 Background,  Default,  Foreground,  UI,  HUD

Script comment flags:
Add the following comments anywhere in your scripts to modify their behaviors

  • --!FIRST
    Run any script with this tag before all normal and last scripts
  • --!LAST
    Run any script with this tag after all the first and normal runtime scripts
    Prevent this object from being imported into another object as a stacked level, useful when collaborating on levels with others

• Or load a template script:
Completely erase the content above and replace it with a template

• Special tags (read only):
 VR_Head,  VR_Hand_Left,  VR_Hand_Right,  VR_Index_Right,  VR_Index_Left,  VRBody,  IsEditor,  RealGame,  Player,  MainCamera,  Camera,  Terrain,  3DHUDCenter,  3DHUDTopLeft,  3DHUDTop,  3DHUDTopRight,  3DHUDLeft,  3DHUDRight,  3DHUDBottomLeft,  3DHUDBottom,  3DHUDBottomRight

• Free to use tags:
 FindMe,  Enemy,  Special,  Switch,  Background,  Foreground,  UI,  Detector,  Hitbox,  Alpha,  Beta,  Charlie,  Delta,  SpecialFX,  Ignored,  Item,  Coin,  Powerup,  Model,  Image,  Text,  InputChecker,  Misc,  HUD,  WinCondition,  LoseCondition,  DataHandler,  GroupOne,  GroupTwo,  GroupThree,  GroupFour,  Temp,  Particles,  Vehicle,  Decoration,  Physics,  Boundary,  Clone,  NPC,  Seat,  Portal,  Door,  Projectile,  Robot,  Human,  Alien,  Plant,  Tree,  Street,  Building,  Pedestrian,  Solid,  Water,  Sun,  Moon,  Weather,  Rain,  Snow,  Cloud,  Fog,  Wind,  Fire,  Exit,  Entry,  Teleport,  Trigger,  Sprite,  Sound,  Audio,  Music,  SFX,  Transport,  WWW,  Waypoint,  Path,  Light,  Ice,  Button,  Spawn,  Lever,  Score,  Lives,  Health,  Stamina,  Usable,  Locked,  Lock,  Locker,  Key,  Goal,  Window,  Roof,  Floor,  Wall,  Secret,  Hint,  Guide,  Sender,  Receiver,  Input,  Output,  Data,  Hand,  Foot,  Head,  Body,  Lamp,  Table,  Chair,  Book,  Computer,  Keyboard,  Mouse,  Gamepad,  Ground,  Puppet,  Friend,  Team,  Buddy,  Ally,  Pet,  Food,  Drink,  Scroll,  Potion,  Ambient,  Sign,  Poster,  Billboard,  Lava,  Squad,  Atmosphere,  Star,  Space,  Hazard,  GUI,  Controller,  Loader,  Debug,  Zone,  Placeholder

• Global PBR materials and shaders:
 CheckerTile,  GreenTile,  MetalPlate,  SolarPanel,  BrownLeather,  SheetMetal,  Dirt,  Grass,  Sand,  Copper,  Iron,  Steel,  WhiteGrid,  WhiteSquare,  Glass,  Water,  WaterSurface,  RedHaze,  SolidColor

Scripting tips:

• Remember that in Lua there is only bools, numbers, and text! The data types are just to show what C# is expecting and sending!

• For Actions and Timers, you will want to escape your sub-command strings using these:
 \n newline    \r carriage return    \\ backslash    \" double quote
 \' single quote    \[ left square bracket    \] right square bracket

 Or pre-format the string as a block of text like this:
 scriptAsString = [[
 function testFunction()

 Otherwise, you can call your own custom function similar to onClick()!
 Eg: Detecting if any player touch occurs and triggering a function
  obj.setAction("touchByPlayer", "Player,VR_Hand_Left,VR_Hand_Right", "touchedFunction()")
  function touchedFunction()
   obj.set3DText("Hey you touched me!")

Click here for a basic LUA tutorial